Friday, October 22, 2010

Beautiful Small Tiny Deep Sea Fish

There are numerous lives in the deep blue ocean with a combination of huge and tiny creatures. The big ones survive on the small ones and sometimes it’s vice versa. If you explore the tiny creatures, you will find a rainbow across the deep water. These are the tiny colorful fishes of different species. Small fishes are so beautiful that humans choose to keep them in aquarium as their pets. However, small Deep Sea Fishes are not always charming. They can be poisonous and dangerous at times. Many small fishes are cooked as they are good for health and skin. We will now explore further on the huge variety of fishes.

Angel Fish:

Angel fish is a bright colored fish which is found mostly in warm water across the world. There are 70 various kinds of Angelfishes. They have a flat body with a beak-like jaw. Many of the Angelfishes are herbivores, however there are few like Emperor Angelfish that is a meat-eater and eats worms, Sea Shells fish and shrimp.

Puffer fish:

Puffer fish also called as swellfish, globefish and blowfish as when it is endangered it blows in about double of its normal size by gulping water. Most of the puffer fishes are located in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Several parts of the Puffer fish contain poison which can cause death when eaten. These poisonous lives are carnivores and eat sea urchins, sponges and echinoderms.

Clown Fish:

Clown fish are bright orange colored fishes which reside on the sea floor among anemone tentacles. They are generally found in warm water of the tropical Pacific and the Indian Oceans. Clown fishes eat plankton and lifeless Sea Anemone tentacles.

Lantern Fish:

Lantern fish have numerous light-generating organs along its body. They live in a dim environment and when it swims its organs lights up. There are various kinds of Lantern fishes with unlike lights and colors. These species are found in oceans all over the globe. Lantern fishes are carnivores and eat Brine Shrimp and copepods.


Seahorse is a little fish and one of its kinds. Seahorses live in warm water and swim very slow. They are unique because they are the only animals in which the female seahorse lays eggs, however the male seahorses holds the eggs inside their body until they emerge. The face structure of the seahorse is like any other horse and so is known as seahorse. This sole species eats small shrimps.

Gold Fish:

Gold fish is brightly-colored and has an orange shine on the body. They are mostly kept in aquariums as pets. Goldfishes eat minute plants and creatures found in the mud on the pond base.

Jelly Fish:

Jelly fish have supple body with long and poisonous tentacles. They use these tentacles to grab a fish. They are found floating in the sea, however only some jelly fishes are located in fresh water. Jelly fish can kill a human being by their malicious sting. They are 98% water.
All these small fishes make the ocean look colorful within. We must save this beauty by avoiding over-fishing and other vicious human behavior.

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