Monday, October 25, 2010

Huge and vast sea fishes are among the largest aquatic animals.

Our globe surface is covered by 71% water in the form of oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. The small portion of water like lakes and rivers connect to the sea and then the sea connects to five big oceans namely the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic, Indian, Artic and Southern. Though the ocean’s surface is explored for numerous reasons like traveling, water sports, scientific researches and fishing, the vast portion of the globe’s deep water remains untouched by mankind and it’s in this deep water, we find various kinds of sea animals. We will learn more about the huge and vast sea fishes.

Sea Whales:
The biggest animal on the globe is the Sea Whale and there are different kinds of whales that live worldwide in the oceans. The Blue Whale is the biggest in the whales and even the loudest when breathing. Fin Whale is the second largest whale on the globe and a fastest swimmer. These whales are carnivores & eat small fish and plankton (krill, copepods, pteropods etc). Similarly, there are other carnivore whale like Orca, Minke, Humpback, Gray, Beluga and Bowhead Whale, to name a few. Some whales live in the Artic Ocean in the extreme cold weather and some survive in the warm water of Pacific Ocean.

The second largest animal on the globe is the Shark. The Basking shark is the biggest in sharks and eats plankton fish. Its teeth are pointed which enables it to eat fish and squid. Similarly, there are other carnivore sharks like Blue, Bull, Greenland and Hammerhead shark.

Dolphins are small and have sharp teeth. They have a beak-like mouth and are popular for making different sounds like whistling, moaning and squeaking. They eat fish & squid which are found mostly on the surface of the water.

Eels are fishes that have snake-like body. Few Eels reside in salty water, however a lot of them are found in the fresh water. There are mainly three types of Eels, Electric Eel which generates electricity, if touched we can feel current; Gulper Eel is bony, long and has big and poor jaws; Moray Eel is Sea Snake like fish which is long with round gills. Eels feed on crustaceans and some eat shrimp as well.

Manta Rays:
Manta rays are linked with sharks and the largest rays in the world. They have short tail and flat body structure with cartilage and without bones. Manta rays mainly survive on plankton and eat small fish sometimes.

Swordfish as the name suggests has a long and sharp mouth, like a sword. They are the fast swimmers. These fishes are carnivores and eat small fishes, octopus and squid.
Huge and vast sea fishes are among the largest Sea Animals. They need to be protected from destructive human acts. Almost all these huge fishes mainly survive on small fishes and small fishes are decreasing due to over-fishing. Hence restrictions on such activities can save the marine life.

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