Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sea Anemone:

Sea Anemone are very long lived animals, but their appearance is like flowers. They live fixed to some stiff thing such as rock and sea base. They are carnivores and eat fishes, worms etc. They grab their food by their tentacles.

Sea Cucumber:

Sea Cucumbers are invertebrate animals that are cylindrical and live across the sea. They are located in warm as well as cold sea water. Sea Cucumbers eat all decayed or decaying stuffs that glide in the water or sink on the sea base.

Portuguese man-of-war:

The Portuguese man-of-war is a gliding camp of animals that reside in warm seas. They are poisonous, however are eaten by many animals. This living being eats small animals in oceans.

These remarkable creatures, big and small are the wonders of Ocean. They are in a way dependant on each other. Their lives are not directly affected by the humans. However, the huge Deep Sea Fishes depend on these animals.

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