Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When we think of marine life, the first thing that comes to our mind is fish. However there are lives beyond deep sea fishes. As the researches progress, we come across plentiful creatures that are extraordinary and the most remarkable ones. These rare kinds are so exceptional that we get baffled if those are plants or sea animals. To know it better, we will discover these creatures in depth.

Star Fish:
As the name suggests, star fish which is also known as Sea star, appears like a star. It has five tube-like arms with round ends and hard skin. However, star fish is not counted in the fish category, but are echinoderms which mean ‘spiny skin’. Sea stars eat oyster,Sea Corals and all fish and hence are carnivores.

Sea Urchin:
The Sea Urchin is a thorny, solid-shelled creature that exists on the stony sea base. These spherical lives have noxious spines. They travel very slowly across the sea. Sea Urchins eat algae, Sea Sponges and rotten substance.

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