Thursday, December 9, 2010

One such amazing species of the water are the sea turtles

Sea and ocean water covers three fourth part of the earth. This wide region has created and hidden in it a different world, which is interesting to know. Under the blue water, you will find beautiful and weird sea mammals and fishes.

One such amazing species of the water are the sea turtles. They are quite different from the turtles found in the ponds or lakes. Turtles are found all over the world except the artic. These amazing crawling creatures have caught the attention of man, from centuries. Scientist use turtles to know a bit more about our past as these animals have a long life span, which can last up to two hundred years..

Sea turtles have developed a great anaerobic respiratory system because most of the times, they stay under the water. Swimming and roaming under the water, their life is full of activity, especially for the females. They have to go deep inside the sea and at times rise to the surface. They even need to go to the beach after mating with the male turtles to lay their eggs.

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