Monday, January 10, 2011

The Angler Fish lives more than a mile deep in ocean water.

Anglerfish belong to family Lophiiformes. As you all are aware that the adaptations which inherit in any organisms make their life easy and it plays a significant role. In case of anglerfish, the fleshy growth is found at the head which operates as a lure, or it acts as a hook which is the essential feature for hunting. That is why the anglerfish is famous for its predation.

Some of the angler fish are found in open water and some are typically deep sea fish.

The scientists carry the great work of research about the sea life. While they were researching on the anglerfish, it was found that all the fish they captured were females only. Lots of testicles, which were though as parasites initially by the scientists, were attached to the female bodies. This was surprising and further research brought out the realities.

Male anglerfish are furnished with well developed olfactory organs. It helps the males to locate the female. The mating is carried out in a unique manner. When the male locates the female it bites her and discharges the enzyme. The male shrinks and drop its digestive organs, brain, heart, eyes etc. and remains as testicles. When the male notices the hormonal changes in the female’s blood stream, it gets the indication that it is the time the female is going to release eggs. At this point of time, the male testicles secrete the sperms. Many males can be integrated with a female. The whole episode of mating is called “Mating Frenzy”.

In European countries and North America people enjoy the tail meat of one of the fish from genus Lophius. The taste resembles the lobster.

Sea life is rich with various organisms; which are the integral part of the ecosystem. Their lifestyle, food habits, how they reproduce is really interesting to know.

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