Monday, July 11, 2011

Some interesting facts about fire belly toad

Fire belly toads are sea and warty toads. They do not have an eardrum. Pupil of their eye is triangular unlike other toads. Male toads do not have a resonator unlike other frogs. They do not make calls through exhalation but rather they do so through inhalation. The back of such toads is covered with rough warts. The back is grown gray in color with dark spots. Fire belly toad has a smooth belly.

Tubercles are also found near the cloaca. The color of their belly is red or yellow with dark spots. The male varies from the female in terms of nuptial pads. Male have nuptial pads on their first and second fingers. The skin toxins are unpleasant. These toads live in Korea, Southern Japan, Northeastern China and Khabarovsk. Species live in different landscapes like in broad leaved forests, open meadows, swampy bushlands and pine forests. They make use of different kinds of water. Fire belly toads are the most common sea animals found in mountain lakes.

Fire belly toads eat terrestrial invertebrates. Adult toads eat terrestrial invertebrates including insects, worms and mollusks. Such family of toads is not able to expand their tongues like other frogs. They have to leap forward and then grab their prey using their mouth to feed. Fire belly toads make use of pelvic amplexus. Females can deposit numerous clutches. The clutch consists of 38 to 257 eggs placed in portions of 3 to 45 eggs. The development of embryonic and larval can take 2 months. Hatching takes place minimum from early June to July. Longevity of fire belly toads is almost 20 years.

Oriental fire belly toad is one of the most usual sea amphibians in the central part of its range that consists of a big proportion like 30% of amphibian number.

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