Friday, November 12, 2010

Shearwaters are long winged seabirds with an average body size. They come to costal regions only to breed.

Their gliding journey over the waves of oceans crossing huge distance is remarkable. There are over 30 species of shearwaters across Oceans. Shearwaters eat squid, all small deep sea fish and related marine food.

Sea Bird Albatrosses:

Albatrosses are huge flying sea birds widely located in the North
Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean.
Their long and slender wings are very elegant. Albatrosses are frequently found following visiting ships. Their life span is between 80-85 years. They eat squid, fish and krill while Deep Sea Diving.

Fulmars are sea birds located in the Southern Hemisphere. They peculiarly have thick neck and are generally of same size.

Fulmars eat nearly everything including fish, squid and waste from ships. Like other Sea Birds Fulmars eat Krill and fish.
These sea and shore birds have danger from fishers and tourists. Accidentally, the birds get entangled in fishing nets. Humans should be extra protective towards these Sea beauties.

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