Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marine life not only comprises of fishes and sea shells, but also of birds. History of sea birds is diverse from those of land birds. Sea birds live longer. They have made several versions to living in the sea. When away from the sea, these birds live their lives inland and most of them fly back to the oceans to feed. These birds are mainly distinguished as Sea and Shore birds. There are 200 specie of Sea Birds that spend majority of their lives at sea and shore birds are the ones those reside on the costal regions or are migratory water birds. Following are the classification of these birds which differ significantly in their behavior and lifestyle.


A Penguin is a bird that has wings but can’t fly, however it uses its wings to swim underwater. They are kind of birds that do not fight and spend nearly whole of their lives in the Sea. Countless penguins survive in the freezing water in Antarctica.
They rarely stay on the land except to raise their little ones. Penguins stand straight on their two feet and seem uncomfortable while walking, however they actually walk as fast as humans. Penguins can swim through the oceans, can climb icy mountains by hoping and can travel over slippery ice by sliding on their tummies. Also They eat a range of Deep Sea Fish, squid and krill.

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