Monday, December 27, 2010

Caribbean sea is the most popular destination for tourists

Mainly the Caribbean Sea is located adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, south of the Gulf of Mexico. the name Caribbean is derived from the Caribs which is one of the dominant American Indian groups. marine Sea life of the Caribbean Sea includes the Sea turtles, dolphins and Deep sea fishes and different types of marine animals, micro-organism also. The warm waters of this deep sea are a home to marine creatures such as swordfish, hammerhead sharks, barracuda and marlin.

The tourist’s activities such as deep sea diving, Underwater sports and fishing are the main contributors of the economy of the Caribbean nations.
.It supports the largest tourism industry.This sea is also the largest producer of oil in the world. It produces approximately one hundred and eighty million tons per year. The main reasons responsible for this are scenic destinations, abundant sunshine, trade winds and tropical temperatures.
All these factors have also resulted in the expansion of the cruise industry in the sea.so Caribbean Sea is the most popular destination for tourists.

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